By: Marleen van Balkom On: May 27, 2016 In: Kenkodo Development Comments: 0

0.1_Splash_v1.2Over the last couple of weeks we have been very busy with some exciting stuff here at the Kenkodo headquarters! Together with our developers we have been working on the Kenkodo App and the prototype is looking really good. You will be able to sign up, register a kit, record your lifestyle, connect Kenkodo to other tracking devices and check your results and recommendations in One Easy Tool.

Getting the perfect Kenkodo Sample Box is a real challenge. We want it to meet many requirements like fitting into the mailbox, minimising waste and making Kenkodo the best possible experience. It is giving our agency a headache 😉 but it’s going to be great!

The first product we will launch is called Kenkodo Wellbeing, which is basically what our Kenkodo co-developers have received in the beta phase. It includes a set of blood values which are widely known from medical studies to objectively determine your level of wellbeing. The Wellbeing-Index is based on key body values, blood metabolic values as well as several other lifestyle parameters, and will give you an excellent overview of your current health status.

More targeted panels are coming up! Together with our nutrition and fitness experts we are working on panels specifically for these two areas. Additionally, we are looking forward to introducing several additional panels in the future that are customised to fit the needs and answer the individual questions of many of our Kenkodo users!

We will keep you posted on the further development of Kenkodo and in the meantime we hope you enjoy our Kenkodo news blog on everything around metabolites!

The Kenkodo Team