This section is dedicated to all you tech people, biohackers and quantified self experts, who really want to have a more in-depth-understanding of our metabolomics technology and the potential of quantifiying your metabolism.


This is what we do with your samples

After we have received your samples, our lab-team prepares the sample sticks for extraction. In this procedure, the blood is extracted chemically in such a way, that only the low molecular compounds are kept, while all other parts of the blood like DNA or proteins are dismissed. This ensures, that we only measure the parts we are particularly interested in, without anything else interfering and spoiling the results.


How we measure

The measurement itself is carried out by mass-spectrometry. Metabolites can be distinguished by their mass. A mass-spectrometer is like a scale which weighs the different metabolites and counts their presence in the sample. What we call a metabolic fingerprint is in fact a continuous curve, which comprises the distribution  of specific masses in a particular sample

MetabolicFingerprint copy Fingerprint_500 copy



Each of the lines you can see in this fingerprint correspond to a particular compound, and the higher the lines (peaks) are, the more abundant the compound is. A fingerprint as it is recorded by our machine (qTOF) contains far more than 1000 of those peaks.


What you get

After we measured your samples  you will have access to the these raw data. You will also get a navigator to explore these data. Are you interested in your Vitamin D levels? Our tool will help you to navigate through the data.

What if you are not interested in all these raw data, but just want easy to read results? That’s fine too: the tool can also show you just those values you are interested in.





Your favorite song as an mp3

Those of you with a biochemical background might ask: “What about isomers?” True, there are many compounds which cannot be distinguished by this technology, due to their same elemental composition. The consequence is that one peak in the fingerprint reveals the sum of those compounds. This is exactly where the ultimate power of Kenkodo comes into play: it measures the whole metabolism, not just a few single compounds. Think for a moment of your favorite song saved as an mp3. This file contains the information for one acoustic wave which is also just a two dimensional curve. Although many instruments contributed to this acoustic wave, you would not be able to tell the contribution of a particular instrument to a specific wave peak. And still you could not only hear which instruments were involved, but even more important you would recognize the song from the first three seconds. With your biochemical fingerprint its the same: you will know straight a way that its yours, although some information might be hidden.



The Kenkodo Evolution

Kenkodo gives you the opportunity to have a very detailed look into the compounds you are interested in. We will assist you identifying them. What to look for depends on the wellness goals you have set up. As Kenkodo grows and develops, we will be more and more able to recognize fingerprints as a holistic statement of your well-being.


Sampling once per week is enough – for the long-term effects

We believe that taking one drop of blood per week is enough. Of course your metabolome changes right after a double shot espresso. However, these are the short-term effects which can be considered as noise. The same kind of noise, when you listen to your favorite song on the radio instead of your perfectly sounding iPod 😉 Kenkodo uncovers the long-term effects of your lifestyle from this noise.To achieve that, its important to sample under the same conditions (e.g. tuesday morning after getting up). Our data analysis approach will then be able to distinguish noise and unmask the long-term symphony of your bloods fingerprint.


Influence Tomorrow’s Health Today with Kenkodo!

If you want to understand the long term effect of your lifestyle on your body, then it is enough to sample once per week at a preset time. But, if for some particular reasons you would like to understand the direct effects of a daily lifestyle change, then you should sample more often. We however believe that Kenkodo will become an effective tool if you keep track of your metabolism for a longer time.