Kit registration

  • Go to and sign up with your username and your personal password which you will find in the letter  in your Kenkodo Kit. 
  • Answer the questions about yourself, your lifestyle and your health. Remember that your personal information is treated anonymously and is not visible to any other user!
  • Register your Kenkodo Kit with the code printed on the clam shells with the sample sticks.

Sampling Instructions: Step by Step

The kit contains 18 lancets and 16 sample sticks. Please send 12 or 13 sample sticks back to us for analysis. The remaining sticks are meant as back-up should anything go wrong during sampling.

Make sure you sample in the morning, after overnight fasting. You may drink water.

Ideally, you pick a Tuesday till Thursday morning to take a sample. For most people this is a ‘normal week day’.

The interval between two samples is one week.

Preferably, sample each time at the same time, around 10-15 minutes after waking up.

Make sure the fingertip you want to sample is clean: wash your hands well without using soap, dry them and use the alcohol wipe to clean the fingertip you want to prick.

A couple of tricks to increase your blood flow: 1) wash your hands with warm water; 2) massage them before pricking your finger; 3) hold your hand down while sampling (i.e. sitting or standing).

Prick the side of your fingertip with a lancet.

Take a sample stick from the clam shell.

Absorb the blood with the little sponge on top of the stick, do not to touch your skin with the sponge.

The stick labels are numbered. Please stick them with increasing number on the stick. Stick the blank side first, so the labeled side is clearly visible.

Place the stick back in the clam shell. The sponge will dry by air. Store the clam shell in a dark and dry place, e.g. back in the Kenkodo Kit.

After two hours pack the clam shell in the transparent sealing bag, together with the little desiccant sachet, to store the sample sticks hermetically and dry.

The next sample should be taken one week later. Try to stick to the same day and same time!


Sample registration

Register each sample on the day you took it, or as soon as possible.

Therefore, login on

Select Inventory, click on Kit in the blue bar and select the sample number you want to submit.

Answer the questions related to the sample.

Sample Shipment

Ship the samples back to us in a normal or padded envelope as soon as a clam shell with 4 sample sticks is full. You may use one envelope to send the last two clam shells with the last 5 samples (8 – 13) together. Please use the preprinted address labels for shipment.

Questions? Have a look in our FAQ section or get in touch with us: [email protected] or +49 331 951 43881