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I touched the sponge on the sampling device with my finger. What should I do?

Discard the sample and take another sample with a new sample stick. We recommend this since the surface of your skin contains substances that should not be analyzed.

The sponge is not completely full, is that ok?

No. Please discard the sample stick. If the sponge is not 100% full, we do not have enough blood to analyze. Take a new sample with a new lancet and please make sure sponge of the new sample stick is completely filled with blood!

What should I do if I cannot store the sample back in the plastic bag after 2 hours?

It doesn’t harm your sample when you keep the sample out of the plastic bag for more than 2 hours. Please remind yourself to put the sample in the plastic bag with the little silica gel sachets after 2-10 hours! Please note that it is important to let the sample air dry first before sealing it in the plastic bag with the silica bags.

Can I also sample less than 13 times?

Please sample at least 12 times, once per week. The more time points you sample, the more you will know and learn about yourself.

What is the interval between two samples, should I sample every week?

Yes, ideally you sample once per week. This way you track your metabolism for three months in a row. We recommend sampling on a day that represents a “normal” day for you. For many that means on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning at around 7 a.m.

Can I also take daily samples?

Yes, you may change the interval according to your plans. Daily samples make sense if you like to see the effect of a detox week, or when migraine emerges.

I do not get enough blood after pricking my finger, what should I do?

Probably, this is the first time you sample. (1) Relax and take it easy. (2) Keep breathing 😉 (3) Wash your hands with warm water and (4) massage them before sampling.  (5) When you are ready to prick your finger, make sure you sit or stand upright with your hand down to make use of the gravity.

The sponge of the stick is too full, what should I do?

Take a tissue and gently touch the sponge. It will soak the surplus of blood from the sponge.

Why should I take up a challenge?

A challenge shows you what happens inside your body if you make one or more changes in your lifestyle. You could start sampling a couple of times without any change and then start a challenge. You can either select the ‘low-carb’, ‘cardio’ or the combined ‘low-carb & cardio’ challenge, or you define your own, personal challenge.

Is this the Kit I ordered on Indiegogo?

No. This is the Kit for the development of Kenkodo. It is meant to finetune our methods & analytics and to test the concept with a large group. You are actually one of the makers of Kenkodo! Once we finish with the beta phase and data analysis, you will receive the (one, two or three months) Kenkodo Kit that you ordered on Indiegogo.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us! Email: [email protected] or phone +49 331 951 43881