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What is metabolomics?

The metabolic profile is the sum of all small molecules, known as metabolites, that circulate in your body. It includes sugars, amino acids, vitamins and much more. In one single drop of blood we can see all metabolites. A drop of blood provides a snapshot of your physiological state. Looking at metabolites gives answers to questions like: how does my body process the food I just ate? How stressed or exhausted am I? Do I accumulate environmental pollutants? Am I at risk to get a disease?

The metabolic profile is your personal fingerprint telling you where you come from and where you heading to on the biochemical level.

Metabolomics  is the technology which measures metabolic profiles. The origins of measuring metabolites in complex samples has existed for decades. Today, we are able to measure all of these compounds quickly and accurately.

Is Kenkodo a new product?

Yes. Kenkodo is a completely new product. Our technology has been used for over ten years in scientific research. We believe that the time has come that you and your life benefit from our technology and knowledge on how to improve your well-being.

What influences my metabolism?

A large range of different parameters can influence your metabolism, both genetic as well as environmental parameters. These parameters include gender, ancestry, age, allergies, diseases, family history of diseases, blood marker and blood group, medication, diet and supplements (pro-/prebiotics), mood, fertility, pregnancy, stress, sport, meditation, sleep, environmental effects, like weather and many more.

What will the results look like?

The app will visualize the similarities and differences of your fingerprints. Are you interested in understanding lifestyle habits that correlate with your fingerprints? Kenkodo will show you the connections! Kenkodo will become more reliable if you use it regularly. Kenkodo will provide predictions related to your body and mind performance.

Technically seen is your biochemical fingerprint a so-called mass spectrum. It reflects the proportion and quantity of over 1000 compounds in your blood and is therefore a snapshot of your metabolism. You cannot compare such a mass spectrum with a blood count. It does not fulfill the requirements of clinical diagnostics. However, it allows you to see changes of single compounds and compound groups, like vitamins or amino acids. Besides that, you can relate them with your lifestyle habits. The Kenkodo app will navigate you smoothly through all the information. It will give you suggestions why some compounds are of particular importance, and will warn you for misinterpretations. If you want you can also download your raw data. Because you are the CEO of your data.

How can I buy a Kenkodo Package?

We will soon open an online shop on this website where you can buy your Kenkodo Kit. You can sign up for our newsletter to get notified when the web shop goes live.

Is Kenkodo different from a complete blood count (CBC)?

A complete blood count, like requested by your general practitioner, is a small yet highly accurate report for a few, distinct markers in your blood.

These include metabolites, like glucose but also non-metabolic components and factors like ions, proteins or cell types, indicating very specific health conditions. Since our technology tracks more than 1000 metabolites you can rather think of it as of a highly personalized fingerprint. It specifically answers many questions regarding your wellness and your general constitution.

Is Kenkodo a medical device?

No. Kenkodo is neither a medical product, nor does it fulfill the requirements to be a diagnostic test or tool. In its current form Kenkodo helps you to keep track of your well-being.

However, we do understand the potential of our product. Kenkodo will evolve over time and will provide more features. Get in touch if you have specific ideas and wishes!

Does Kenkodo replace my General Practitioner?

Kenkodo can not substitute any medical testing or diagnosis, such as a complete blood count. Please continue to consult your general practitioner as usually.

Can you guarantee that my personal data will be safe?

The data privacy model that we have developed for Kenkodo builds fundamentally on the principle that nobody except you is in full control of your data. Always!

Our ultimate goal is to connect your individual lifestyle to your metabolism. To provide the best results for you, you need to keep a diary of your lifestyle habits. You may want to answer questions like: What did you eat? How much did you exercise? How did you feel? You may also add data from your wearables. However, you provide only the information you want to track.

We are taking all actions to ensure that using our service is as safe as online banking or accessing your business emails. This includes entirely encrypted communication, database encryption and European location of our servers. The Kenkodo app does not ask you for your name or address. Instead you just enter an anonymous code you receive together with your kit. Whenever we work with your samples, your metabolic profiles or your lifestyle data we can only see your code, but we never see who you are and since we do not know which code we sent to whom, it is impossible to draw a connection to you.

Accordingly, all data  and all material which we collect from you over time (i.e. the data exchanged by the Kenkodo user interface, wearables and blood samples) are anonymized at the moment of entry.

Will you use my data for other purposes?

Here is probably our most important promise to you: We will never use your private data for any other purpose or sell your personal information to other parties. You will never take part in a third-party study, nor will your health insurance, your general practitioner, your employer or a social media contact have access to your data without your explicit consent. Your data is yours!

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