Human Metabolism Research

The human metabolism is a complex interplay of metabolites produced by the body or taken up from the environment by the body. Our body generates energy from food and extracts essential nutrients, like vitamins or amino acids. Exercise, food, drinking, stress, weather, diseases may all influence our metabolism. And this impacts our body, our feeling and our well-being.

Metabolomics is a cutting edge technology and currently a very active field of research. Researchers try to understand the impact of our lifestyle and of diseases on our body and mind. Excited by these achievements, we initiated Kenkodo – a scientific study that aims at better understanding metabolism based on a large group of Kenkosiasts!

The development phase of Kenkodo started in August 2015.

How it Works in the Development Phase

Kenkodo Beta in a Nutshell

√  Sign up on and register your kit.

√  Take a sample, store it and record it on

√  Repeat 12 or 13 times during 3 months.

√  Track your lifestyle simultaneously.

√  Send us your samples when a clam shell is full.

√  Get your results three weeks after sample entry.

Click here for detailed information.

Track your Lifestyle too!

Each time you record a new sample on, you will be asked to answer a series of relevant questions related to the week prior to taking the sample.

Besides that, you could use tools to track lifestyle information, like Fitbit or Jawbone. The more you track, the more you will learn about the relationship between your lifestyle and your body.

You will soon be able to connect this data to the Kenkodo platform.