Your Companion to a Healthier Life

Change your lifestyle and see the effects reflected in your metabolism!

Map Your Daily Habits

See the effects of your lifestyle in the biochemical composition of your blood

Track Your Body

Daily habits like diet and exercise change your biochemical fingerprint.

Understand Your Body

Your biochemical fingerprint gives you information about your health condition.

Your Inner Well-being Compass

Ideal Diet

Kenkodo will show me changes in my metabolism much sooner. That means I hope I can steer my diet more effectively.

Food Intolerances

With Kenkodo as a daily companion I will be able to discover what causes the food intolerance and to identify those food products that have a negative impact on my metabolism.

Optimize Performance

I would like to optimize my lifestyle and diet and reach long term positive effects on my performance. With Kenkodo I will gain new insights.

Work-Life Balance

Kenkodo will be my warning system that will tell me early enough that my fatigue is becoming an issue.

How does it work?

Take a sampledropblood

With the Kenkodo Kit you can take a drop of blood from your fingertip. The sample frequency and duration – weekly, daily, or even a couple of times a day  – depends on the goals you want to achieve.

You monitor your lifestyle habits

You will get an app for your smart phone. Here you can record you lifestyle habits, your mood and life events. Do you already have an activity tracker, a smart or sports watch? That’s great! You will have the opportunity to integrate the data and relevant data from other apps into the Kenkodo app.

Mobile App

We analyze your metabolism

You can mail us your samples hassle-free per post. In our lab we will measure the chemical composition of your blood samples.

We show you the impact of your lifestyle habits

A couple of days after we have received your samples, your results will be available in your Kenkodo App. The App will show you on which days your biochemical fingerprints were very similar or very different. It will also show you the fingerprints matched to the recorded lifestyle habits. This combined information can help you identify those habits that lead you to the ideal fingerprint!

In development

Hundreds of users are on a journey inside their body
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